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The Nairobi Museum

Top 8 Best Safari in Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi is one of the most fascinating cities in Africa and has many attractions for you as a resident or a visitor.There are many captivating attractions and activities for anyone considering city safari in Nairobi Kenya.

Here, we have listed 10 best safari in Nairobi Kenya that is appropriate for couples, honeymooners,Solo travellers,Family,Group Safaris and Weekend gateways.Before we delve into what makes Nairobi the best destinations, check out some of the safaris starting from Nairobi.

1.10-Day Luxury Kenya Honeymoon Safari 

2.10-Day Mid Range Best of Kenya Safari

3. 3 Days Amboseli Safari 

4. 3 Days Taste of Mara Safari

5.3-Day Lake Nakuru and Naivasha Safari 

6.6 Day Amboseli,Lake Naivasha & Mara Mid-Range

7. 7-Day The Heart of Kenyan Safari

1.Game drives at Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National park is the only National Park in the world located within the city and is at least 7km from the Central business district.The park is approximately 117km square and averagely between 1500-1800 meters above the sea level.

Nairobi National Park, popularly referred as ‘Kifaru Ark’ is the home to most of the black rhinos found in Kenya.Attractions in Nairobi National Park includes Lions, Hyenas, Rhinos, gazelles, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and buffaloes.

Additionally, the park hosts over bird species, interestingly which is more than in the entire United Kindom.

You can get to Nairobi National Park by means of Train or minibuses.Besides that bolts and uber are also available for transfer to the park.If you are in need of tourist vehicle,the charges are normally between $75  and $100.

Nairobi National Park Entrance Fees

In order to enter Nairobi National Park, there are charges that must be paid.Check out below the updated list for 2024/25 calendar year.3



African citizens-$25 per person per day

EAC citizens-ksh.2000 per day


2.Giraffe Centre Attractions

The Giraffe Centre was founded by  Jock Leslie-Melville and is the second best safari destination in Nairobi Kenya.One of the main programs by Giraffe centre is breeding of the endangered Rothschild breed.The child giraffe are raised and once they reach 2-3 years,they are released to the game parks and conservancies in the country.

Giraffe Centre Rates

Non-resident Adults-Ksh.1500

Non-resident child- Ksh.750

Resident Adults- ksh.400

Resident children-ksh.200

3.Visit Nairobi National Museum.

Nairobi National museum was founded in 1920 and later established to its current location in 1929.If you are eager to learn about the history of Kenya, its people and culture, then here is where to begin.

Kenya has rich heritage from its diversity.The Museum is always open from 8.30 am to 5.30pm.

The Nairobi Museum

The main attractions at the Museum includes the temporary & permanent galaries attracting tourists and learners.

4.Hike at Ngong Hills.

Ngong Hills is one of the best safari in Nairobi Kenya.This is a hidden game and should tops your list when having Nairobi city tours.It is a cool place located 22km southwest of Nairobi.

The Hill is popular weekend gateway for anyone seeking peaceful environment matched with huge windmills.

The hill is 1961m above the sea level and is 4-5 hours drive from Nairobi.

You can organise your hiking depending on your interest.There is half day and full day hiking. with full of activities.

If you are fun of zip lining, you can enjoy it at a Kompass. The zipline is 250m long and costs between 700 and 1000.Other activities includes archery, bike riding, picnics and quad bike riding.

Ngong Hills expedition

Ngong Hills View

5.See Wildlife at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is located in Nairobi National Park and is well known for rescuing elephants, rhinos and other endangered species in Kenya.This is one of best safari in Nairobi owing to its nature.

Sheldrick normally take care of of animals such as baby elephants who have been hurt and neglected.Visitors at Sheldrick can witness baby elephants being fed and cleaned, which is an awesome experience.

Between 11 am and 12 am, you can enjoy these moments, create memories while taking photos.Also you can buy souvenirs that supports the trust activities.


  • Visitors at Sheldrick needs to pay park fees to Nairobi National park.
  • Same day bookings are not allowed.You will have to book in advance in order to enter nursery.

6.Visit Bomas of Kenya for cultural expeditions

The Bomas of Kenya is among the best safari in Nairobi and it offers a glimpse into traditional villages of Kenya’s tribes.

From the exhibits at Bomas, it is easier for visitors to learn about Kenya’s cultural heritage and way of life through dances, social structure and music.

The Bomas was formed in 1971 with sole focus of promoting Kenya’s diverse cultural values.

Bomas features 30 traditional dances representing Kenyans from all over the country through sports, music, seminars and poetry.

Some of the services offered at Bomas include cultural perfomances, conferencing facilities, utamaduni restaurant and cultural homestead.


Bomas of Kenya Contacts

Email Address:

Contacts Tel

+254208068400 | +254208890798 | +254208891575 | +25420202242


Forest Edge Road

7.Bike riding around Karura Forest

Karura forest is based in the Northern parts of Kenya on a 1041 ha land is one of city’s earmarked forests. Karura is one of the best safari in Nairobi due to its locality and activities.The forest is managed by Kenya Forest Services and was established in 1932.It is divided into three parts by Limuru and Kiambu roads.

Karura offers natural trailing stretch of about 50 kilometers, providing peaceful escape for visitors to walk,jog or simply enjoying nature’s tranquility.Karura forest is home to 2 amazing waterfalls, the Karura and Ruaka and features attractions such as Mau Mau caves, different wildlife that include waterbuck and genets.

Karura forest

The nature of Karura Forest

Karura Forest Entrance Fees

Entrance Fees:

Adults – ksh.100, Child ksh.50
Residents: Adults-ksh.200, Child-ksh.100
Non-Residents: Adult-ksh.600, Child-ksh.300

Vehicle Charges:
Cars (4×4)-ksh.200
Minivan (14 seater)-ksh.300
Minibus (15-31 seater)-ksh.600
Bus (more than 32 seaters)-ksh.1000

Activities Fees:
Mountain Biking (2 hours):ksh.500
Picnics: Adult – KSH 150, Child-ksh.100
Sports Ground (1 hour): Adult-ksh.200, Child-ksh.100

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8.Visit Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen is located 10 km from Nairobi and was formerly a home to famous Danish Author Karen Blixen.The museum was opened in 1985 to commemorate the life and work of the legend, reflecting the precious time spent in Kenya.

Karen Blixen gained its honor of being the best safari hotspot in Nairobi after the movie “out of Africa” was released.The movie was based on Blixens life.

When you visit the museum, you will most probably be taken through his life through arts and house tour.The surroundings of the museum are amazing gardens with beautiful look of Ngong hills from a distance. Also, there is a souvenir shop that you can get handcrafted artefacts that makes your visit a memorable one.

Karen Blixen amazing view from outside.Best Safari in Nairobi destination







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