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Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park is one of the parks located in Kenya,boardering Ethiopia and is in a relatively remote area unlike other parks located in Kenya.The park was established in 1989 with the sole objective of taking care of the wild animals.The park is among the least visited in Kenya and it covers a total area of 1500 square kilometers.

Some of the animals found in the park includes giraffers,mountain lions,wild dogs,grey wolves among many others.

Things to do at Malka Mari National Park

While you are en route Malka Mari,there are variety of animals that you may come across.Some of them inlcudes  Zebras,Giraffe,crocuta,Hyena,Vultures,Dik Diks,Nile crocodiles and Genets.

At Malka Mari,you will get to enjoy the beautiful views of the plateaus and the welcoming people living nearby.

Another thing to note about the climate and vegetation of Malka Mari is that it has a semi arid climate.

Unique Features at Malka Mari

The major unique aspect about Malka Mari is the fact that it hold lots of colonial histrory.The park has old colonial military graves,colonial buildings,hill steps along the valleys and mountains.Normally,the park is always open to visitors throughout the year.Short rainy seasons happens between May and April whereas the long rains durations is between November and December.While hovering around, a 4X4 safari Jeep is highly recommended because of the terrains..

How to Get to Malka Mari National Park(Air & Road option)

Getting to Malka Mari from Nairobi(Road Option)

You can get to Malka Mari by road from Nairobi by taking A2 route through the Northern tarmac road to Isiolo town. Therafter proceed to the Moyale town all through to the Ethiopian boarder.From Moyale town,proceed with D504 route on the Eastern side through the Yabdu & sara hills via Takaba for another 160 km .Therafter,you will proceed with the diverstion to old colonial military centre of Derkale untill you reach Benissa town,some 65 km from Takaba.

This is one of the most safest route by road to reach the park.

Getting to Malka Mari from Nairobi(Air Option)

It is always easier,safe and fastest option when you opt to choose to reach Malka Mari by means of air.There are alot of airstrips that can easily get you to land there.

The Takaba Airstrip

The Takaba Airstrip is located in Takaba Town and is south of Tabassa township(65km).The strip is in very good condition with local passenger flights currently in operation happening twice per week.(Mainly Sunday & Tuesdays).

These are majorly done by the Shillo and Buko Travellers.In order to access the park after landing,you may require to hire a 4X4 safari jeep,drive north to Banissa using the Takaba-Banissa main road.

What to Carry while En route Malka Mari National Park

There are many unique features about the infamous Malka Mari which requires planning before you get there.This is due to its harsh climatic conditions. Preparing for your safari it is important to understand what is required for the trip.Here is a list of most common essentials to carry while on a safari to Malka Mari National Park:

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes.
  • A Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun screen.
  • A Small Backpack.
  • A Good Camera or Smartphone Camera Accessories.
  • A Small Cooler or Backpack Cooler.
  • Snacks.
  • Water bottles for hydration.
  • First Aid essentials.
  • Binoculars for those who love watching birds.

Accommodation at Malka Mari National Park

  • The Malka Mari Lodge.
  • Banisa Guest House
  • New people lodge
  • County Guest House

Malka Mari Park Fees








Special Campsites-Ksh.250/-

Public campsites-Ksh.200

Malka Mari Contacts

Malka Mari Email

Tel: +254723202000. +254 726099213

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